Pronounced: ba·lay·age

Balayage is a French word translated as sweeping, referring to the technique for highlighting the hair. The result is a graduated, natural looking, sun-kissed effect. The principal idea being less is more, this painting technique results in a softer, lower maintenance natural look.


Foilayage is a combination of traditional foils and balayage, typically with a shadow root.
Maintenance 8-12 weeks.

Color Melt is a soft balayage of the whole head that gradually melts from dark to light.
Maintenance 12-18 weeks.

Sombré is a technique of hand painted highlights blended to perfection. The ends are optionally all lightened or just highlighted.
Maintenance 3-6 months.

Ombré is an effect of hand painted lightened ends. Blended and typically a high contrast of color between the roots and ends.
Maintenance 6-12 months.