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Why Color Me Organically?

As an organic hair studio, Color Me Organically strives to reduce the risk of harmful chemicals to create a safer salon environment. It's that simple. Advancements in ammonia-free, non-toxic, hair color systems empower Color Me Organically to offer guests freedom to choose a more ethical and luxurious organic hair color experience. These new formulations provide excellent gray coverage and vibrancy while leaving hair softer, shinier and healthier.


My Story

Color Me Organically was created with a desire to offer the highest quality salon experience, in an environment with a holistic approach to hair care. During my 20 years in the hair salon industry, a mysterious illness led me on a journey to discover the correlation between health and the things we expose ourselves to daily. With this in mind, I choose less chemicals, less ingredients, with the least chemical impact as possible, while still enjoying the art of accentuating with color.  As an artist, I possess a true understanding of color and I'm passionate about color formulation. My qualifications include Business of Balayage Advanced Certified, Oway Color Certified, O&M Cor Color Certified, as well as being Vidal Sassoon trained. Color Me Organically is a private studio located at the Sola Salon Hilltop Village in Alexandria, VA. My studio is free from synthetic fragrances and unnecessary fumes, resulting in a safer salon environment where I offer beautiful organic hair care in a space where you can feel good about your choice. 


My Products

Color Me Organically uses multiple brands to ensure guests with allergies and sensitivities to hair color and hair care products, or those who do not, may have the safest experience possible. Organic Way (Oway) is the world's first professional organic hair color, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients. Oway is formulated with the highest quality standards to achieve professional results without the use of common hair salon toxins. Oway hair color and styling line is vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, rich with pure essential oils and is always free from ammonia, parabens, PEGs, GMOs, mineral oils, and fragrance allergens.



My Water

Color Me Organically washes each guest's hair exclusively with Hydroviv water filtration system. Hydroviv is a Washington D.C. company with Ph. D. Chemists formulating the highest quality water filters that are optimized specifically for my organic hair studio in Alexandria, VA. The quality of water has a significant impact to your overall health and condition of your hair. Utilizing Hydroviv enables me to provide all services with reduced exposure to unsavory chemicals in the water, ensuring that your color is more vibrant and long lasting.

Why Not?

Why Not?

With the advancement of ammonia-free, non-toxic, hair color systems there is no reason not to make a better choice for yourself. Ongoing research on the "impact" of conventional hair color to our health is still open for debate. However, in my 20 years of experience working in traditional ammoniated hair salons, I have encountered many stylists whose health has been impacted by the chemical exposure of traditional hair salon environments. With this in mind, Color Me Organically chooses to be a healthy skeptic, and when given the choice, prefers the option of less exposure to unnecessary harmful chemicals.



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